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Our Mission Statement is Our Promise to You:
To provide you with the finest quality materials and conservation techniques to uphold the integrity and care of your art.

Picture Framing is a fine art and whether it be a painting, drawing, etching, textile, document or even as simple as a diploma, art must be handled properly. Mona Lisa Framing uses 100% acid-free materials. We are trained in preservation and conversation techniques to ensure that each piece is handled with care and precision.

In the framing industry, preservation and conservation is upholding the integrity of a piece of art; maintaining the quality of the wholeness. The term conservation highlights the type of techniques applied to preserve the life span of the art – hence the preservation of art. Mona Lisa’s promise is to serve your framing needs while maintaining the integrity of your art.

frame choices and colors

Specializing in Preservation & Conservation Framing:

works of art on paper

Works of Art on Paper

Works of art on paper include: Etchings, Lithographs, Photographs, Giclee Prints, Posters, Diplomas, etc. Each medium is handled accordingly, i.e., matting selection and mounting applications. This is a broad area that brings to light the matting and mounting techniques which we discuss at length with each client. 

oil and acrylic

Oil & Acrylic Paintings

The goal of the frame is to enhance the nuances of the composition without distracting from the art itself. Like shoes to an outfit, the character of the frame should reflect the character or style of art being framed. 


Needle Arts & Textiles

There are lots of different needlework types that people love to craft with. The most popular ones that we frame today are: Embroidery, Needlepoint, Cross-Stitch, Tapestry and Crewel Embroidery. Fabrics are blocked and stretched accordingly. To learn more about the different types of Needlework visit this link. 

shadow boxes

Shadow Boxes

Shadow Box Framing can also be called Object Box Framing. The “Shadow Box” ultimately holds an “object” that typically requires a frame 2 – 3 inches deep. Shadow Boxes are fun and creative. No two are alike. Shadow Boxes can be used to frame: Sports Jerseys, Baby Shoes, Wedding Bouquets, Indian Head Dress, Old Military Metals, Antique Keys or Silverware. The ideas are endless. You can also add photos in with the object to document the timeline or event. We also do acrylic shadow boxes as well. 

custom mirrors

Custom Mirrors

Custom Mirrors are a way to add depth and style to an environment. The best part about creating your own mirror is you choose the size. Most mirrors that you find in department stores are stander sizes and extremely limited in frame style choices. If you’re looking to change up the feel of a room and you don’t want to commit to buying a piece of art, a custom mirror is a great idea. The frame itself becomes the “art” and is less committal. 

repair of framed artwork

Repair of Framed Artwork

Oooops…crash! Accidents do happen. Whether the piece was mistakenly knocked the off the wall while cleaning or the movers dropped it, we can, in most cases, fix the frame or replace broken glass. If an accident does occur, don’t try and remove the glass. Picture framing glass is razor sharp and you could get cut. Carefully put it in a paper bag face up so the glass does not scratch the image, and bring it to us. 

photo face mount to acrylic

Photo Face-Mount to Acrylic

Ten years ago this process was reserved for high-end galleries and “deep pockets.” But now the technology is vastly available. This technique takes your digital photos and turns them into magic on the wall. The process involves “sandwiching” the photo between a selected back substrate and acrylic glass. The edges are then polished, and the result is a high-end modern gallery look. All the best characteristics of your photo print are intensified when mounted under glossy acrylic glass. The colors are more vivid, and there is a sense of extra depth. This frameless look creates an impact of the photos floating off the wall. Also, acrylic glass is offered in sheets of 72” x 96” which makes this process ideal for large format printing. Just send us the digital file and we take it from there. The process is archival and non-reversible. 

Handcrafted Moldings

Our Molding selection defines our attention to quality. We carry different Moldings from all over the world including American-made handcrafted hardwoods. Our Molding selection is broad and diverse enough to meet each budget and design need. 

There’s more...

On-Site Consultation

Sometimes all you need is a second eye. It can be very helpful for a particular project or large job to schedule an On-Site consultation. Each environment has its own set of circumstances that play a factor when designing a piece of art. Lighting influences, wall color, and scale are important issues that play a major role in the overall finished project. 

creative design and expertise

Creative Design Expertise

Your project is important to us, and it’s the experience of allowing the creative process to unfold naturally through mindful guidance and astute listening that magic happens. Our customers know this is where we shine because it’s the relationships that we build on. Getting to know your personality through the creative process is your gift to us; we learn what is special and unique about you. to learn more. 

Our Partners

Beth Diana Smith

Beth Diana Smith

Beth Diana Smith is an interior designer serving New Jersey, New York, and beyond. Beth’s designs spark conversation with expertly curated art, layered textures, and diverse cultural influences. Her bold use of color and pattern creates spaces that are sophisticated, luxurious, and aspirational. Each unique piece and custom detail is thoughtfully chosen to tell the story of the home and its owner. 

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